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The Gifting Lotus

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Before You Join The Giving Lotus, You Must Review & Accept this Family Agreement before joining...

Last Updated: May 11th, 2020

The Giving Lotus Program is a family alliance composed of all family members that participate in this gifting program to support our family, friends, and loved ones. The Gifting Lotus Program is a program that is split into four-week phases and has a set of requirements you must follow to proceed to the next week. After watching the training video and passing the assessment you will be familiar with the terminology used in this Family Agreement. You will be referred to as a Lotus Member throughout this agreement. Read this Family Agreement in its entirety and ensure you understand the agreement and are committed to adhere and follow through with this agreement before joining The Giving Lotus Program. All Lotus Members must be 18 years of age in order to participate.

Joining the Giving Lotus Program

To join The Giving Lotus, the Lotus Member must first complete the, Before You Join Video and pass The Giving Lotus Assessment. The Lotus Member must also acknowledge and confirm their understanding of the obligation to complete a Closed Lotus (15 members) to receive their Water Pot in Week 4's Water Position. By joining, you are confirming that you have two members of your family, friends, or loved ones that are ready to join, as your Fire Recruits for Week 2.

Lotus Member Obligations

Week 1: Fire

As a Lotus Member, you join The Giving Lotus Program as a Fire with a $500 sacrifice to the person in Water Position. In Week 1 a Lotus Member’s responsibilities are to attend presentation meetings, learn the stages and responsibilities of The Giving Lotus Program, and attend Lotus Team Meetings/Training with your Lotus Lead. Lotus Members will begin to compile a list of family, friends, and loved ones who can benefit from The Giving Lotus Program. Lotus Members are obligated to Invite their Family, Friends, and Loved ones to scheduled presentation meetings to get a head start on building your Closed Lotus.

Week 2: Air

In Week 2 all Lotus Members are required to have each of their two Fire Recruits to join by gifting $500 to the Lotus Member who is in Week 4: Water. That is $1,000 that will be gifted from your Air Petal ‘s Fire Lotus Members. This week, it is also your responsibility to serve as a liaison between your new Fire Lotus Members and your Lotus Lead. It is pertinent that they receive the same support, training, and proper preparation you received in Week 1, it’s your duty to make sure this happens. It is also your responsibility that your two new Fire Lotus Members have two members of their family, friends, or loved ones that are ready to join, as well.

Week 3: Earth

As a Lotus Member in Week 3: Earth, you are responsible for ensuring that you help support your Lotus Member’s that are in Week 2: Air secures their two Fire Lotus Members who will gift the Lotus Member in Week 4: Water Position. The Lotus Flower in Week 3 needs to ensure that the Lotus Member in Week 4 is Watered so that the following week they can also get their Water Pot. It is also the responsibility of the Lotus Member in Week 3 to ensure that all of the new Fire Lotus Members who join, have their two Fire Lotus Members secured before joining, as they will be the ones gifting you the following week when entering Week 4: Water Position.

Week 4: Water

The Lotus Member will receive their full $4,000 Water Pot in Week 4, as long as they have met the duties and responsibilities outlined in Weeks 1-3. Each Lotus Member must build their Giving Lotus to ensure that they are gifted on Week 4. If you are missing Lotus Members, then you may receive a smaller pot and it is your responsibility to recruit members to fill those gaps for your Giving Lotus, so it can close and you can repeat the cycle to be gifted the following cycles. In Week 4, you continue to lay the foundation and support your Lotus Members on your Giving Lotus to secure their new Fire Lotus Members so that they may close their Lotus Flower as well. It is the obligation in Week 4, for all Lotus Members to complete the Lotus Lead Training and assessment.

Week 1-Rentering

If a Lotus Member would like to re-enter the Lotus Flower, they must enter back in as a Week 1: Fire with a re-entry gift of $500 on your assigned Giving Lotus that you originally joined. A Lotus Member will always gift the same individual, in a continuous cycle. When re-entering in Week 1-Fire you will not need to recruit any new Fire Lotus Members, as you completed and closed your Giving Lotus. Your obligation is now upgraded as you become a Lotus Lead. The eight Fire Lotus Member’s whom the Lotus Lead received a Water Gift from, will now be the Lotus Members whom the Lotus Member in Week 1: Re-Entry will be leading. The Lotus Lead will be responsible for the overall success in building each Lotus Member’s Giving Lotus and assisting them to close their Giving Lotus so they can receive their Water Pot of $4,000. In the Next 4 Weeks, as Team Lead you will be holding a minimum of 3 Lotus Team Meetings/Training per week. It is also your responsibility to attend any presentations that your Fire Lotus Members potential recruits are invited to, to answer questions about The Lotus Giving Program, and explain the responsibilities outlined before anyone joins. All the experience you have learned will now be useful as you assist your Lotus Team as you were supported by your Lotus Lead. It is also the responsibility of the Lotus Lead to report all-new Fire’s added to the Bouquet Lead and submit weekly reports every Friday by 3 PM CST.


Any gift that a Lotus Member gives will not be refunded or canceled. A gift cannot be refunded, as the Lotus Member who was gifted met all the obligations necessary to receive their gift. If you still wish to quit The Giving Lotus Program, we will fill your position with another Lotus Member, at your request. To cancel or forfeit your Giving Lotus, please send a written request to quit to [email protected] and provide us permission to fill your spot. All Lotus Members who join must understand there are no promises or guarantees by gifting $500 in Week 1: Fire. All Lotus Members must meet all the guidelines above to generate a full water pot of $4,000 and are otherwise not obligated to anything unless you follow through on all the necessary steps outlined herein. Any Lotus Member, who completes a full cycle of Weeks one through four and decides to not re-enter is not obligated to re-enter. The position will then be replaced by another Lotus Member. Once a Lotus Member withdraws from re-entering, if in the future this Lotus Member decides to re-enter, they must restart the process as a New Fire and begin the obligations of weeks one through four, once again.

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