The purpose of the gifting spree is to help resolve frozen and stagnant lotuses through the assistance of lotus members who have completed the required processes to receive any gifts.


Each member who registers under the Gifting Spree via the KickStarter Program will enter with five $100 gifts (*$500 total) to participate. We will use these members to patch lotuses together and gift individuals who have been unable to be gifted with the traditional giving lotus program. The Giving Spree program follows the traditional giving lotus cycle of the phases of week one through week four. However, you will enter at a introductory lower tier of $100 and a full water pot will equal to $800. This will allow us to multiply the amount of people we can assist by five and compound our efforts to assist those in need of assistance.  Each member who is gifting and being gifting are required to re-enter with a $500 GIFT to enter back into the traditional Desta Giving Lotus program. (MANDATORY TO PARTICIPATE IN PROGRAM.)




Before You Join The Gifting Spree via the Kickstarter Program, You Must Review & Accept this Family Agreement before signing up…

Last Updated: September 13th, 2020

The Gifting Spree is a family alliance composed of all family members that have been previously gifted to assist with stagnation and frozen lotuses.  The Gifting Spree via Kickstarter Program is a program that is split into two phases and has a set of requirements you must follow. 

You will be referred to as a Lotus Member throughout this agreement. Read this Agreement in its entirety and ensure you understand the agreement and are committed to adhere and follow through with this agreement before joining The Gifting Spree via the Kickstarter Program. All Lotus Members must be 18 years of age in order to participate.

Joining the Gifting Spree via the Kickstarter Program 

​To join as a Gifting Member you must have first completed Week 4- Water Position with a minimum of 4 gifts received. The Gifting Member must also acknowledge and confirm their understanding of the obligation to re-gift $500 by entering back in to original Giving Lotus Program.

Gifting Member Obligations

Phase 1: 

As a Gifting Lotus Member, you join The Gifting Spree via Kickstarter Program and enter on to a Lotus with $500 equal to five gifts via the Kickstarter Program. Each Gifting Lotus Member will be placed in order based on the original date you entered The Giving Lotus. The Gifting Members with the highest seniority will be placed at the start of the lotuses thus having potential of building a locked or closed lotus. Members who are newer may be placed at the end of a lotus and may enter a lotus that is not closed and will be obligated to help their members who follow them with closing or locking that lotus. ​Gifting Lotus Members will not be obligated to bring two people on to a lotus and will not be obligated to fulfill Week 2’s obligation as outlined in the original family agreement. As this will be fulfilled through linking stagnant and frozen lotuses.

Eligibility for Lotus Members to participate

You must be a current and active member who attends family meetings and bouquet’s training scheduled. Initially made a sacrifice of $500 to enter on to a lotus of The Giving Lotus. Must have had at least one member that joined their lotus. Member understands the gifting criteria in above graph will determine the level of priority and order of how you will be categorized. Not all members who sign up will get an opportunity to be gifted as it is based on priority and available Gifting Lotus Members willing to participate. Lotus Member agrees to uphold this agreement and continue re-gifting those who made the sacrifice to help close your lotus and get you re-gifted. You will also be required to join this program as a Gifting Lotus Member once you receive a full pot of $4,000 on the second round of gifting. This will help us continue to help stagnant and frozen lotuses and give back to the program which was able to assist you. You also agree to honor and uphold all requirements of The Giving Lotus Program as you originally agreed upon through joining. 


Any gift that a Lotus Member gives will not be refunded or canceled. A gift cannot be refunded or returned. If you still wish to quit The Gifting Spree via Kickstarter Program, we will fill your position with another Lotus Member, at your request.  All Gifting Lotus Members who join must understand there are no promises or guarantees by gifting $500 or Lotus Members who sign up are not guaranteed to be gifted as it is dependent on your grouping priority and  how many Gifting Lotus Members available to gift. 


ALL members under this program are required to re-enter to gift with a $500 gift to kickstart them back to the original Giving Lotus Program immediately upon receiving gifts.

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